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Men's Footwear Designer 



Techpack creation

Material research

Cost negotiation

Each season I research and present a trend and product analysis, this research looks at silhouettes, materials, colors, and details based on information provided by WGSN, instagram, and consumer research. I then contact our team in China to help me source new materials and to help us create lab dips of specific colors that we see most prominently within our trend research. After researching I begin to sketch ideas and create Illustrator lineart that we can use to create colorway's and communicate information to our vendors for samples. If we receive a sample that needs revisions to the upper pattern, last shape or the outsole I will make those comments and revisions with images and callouts to what needs to change or be modified and I will have a video call with our team in china to explain the changes to them for further clarity. Once the final samples have been signed off on, I start contacting our vendors and start negotiating the first cost of the product based on forecasted units that are provided to us by our buying team.

Apparel Design - Assistant Teacher


Ideation/conceptual design


Time management

During the my time as a Apparel Design - Assistant teacher, I worked alongside the apparel director to review student work and give advice where and when it was needed. I helped students create a consumer story, ideations, and concepts and when ready helped the students to develop technical packages and lineart in Illustrator that they could share with their teammates. During ideation and concept reviews, I would provide knowledge about garment construction, new innovation or future innovations, as well as sewing and non sewing techniques that the students could research more indepth to apply to their design.

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I am an Industrial designer and creator with 7+ years of product design experience working with companies helping to develop innovative products. I have a strong understanding of storytelling, researching the consumer

and developing a product that can tackle problems that the consumer might face.


My process is a mix of research, sketching and hand making samples during the early stages of product development.

I find working with my hands helps me to think of the solution(s) to a problem and helps to have a full understanding of how it might help or hinder the consumer.

More about my background can be found within my resume. It can be provided if requested.

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